Moar Coolness

It gets kinda hot at the track, when it’s 100F in the shade.

So I bought a 13qt CoolShirt system. Installed it today.

Instead of the $220 Cool Shirt flow controller, I used a simple PWM speed controller from Amazon… $12. Yes, $12 instead of $220. Does EXACTLY the same thing. Simple wiring. Switched power (from an add-a-circuit in the footwell fusebox) and ground in, and two wires out to the CoolShirt pump.

Mounted it under the center stack, where I can reach it, while harnessed in. Clicks on/off, and one turn to full flow. Easy to trim the flow as desired once you’ve cooled down. Running it at less than full flow extends the runtime on one fill of ice packs and water. Should get a full day of track sessions (~2hrs on the track), plus some time in the paddock.

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Cooler goes in the rear, straps down using the cabrio tie-down points. Added quick connects on the wiring so it’s easy to pull out. All the hoses come with quick connects that don’t drain when unhooked. Just a few drips of water, no big deal.

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Filled it with some cold packs from the freezer, topped of with water, and sealed it up. Put on the shirt, hooked up the hoses, and switched it on.

I’m water cooled!

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I’m leaving the 12′ hoses and the shirt hoses at full length, for maximum flexibility. At the track, I can pull the system out of the car in 2 minutes and run it off a spare battery for cooling while sitting in the paddock! I’ll wire up a separate power harness for that.

I bought the system from Linda at Apex Performance. They’re fantastic folks, and if you call her she can hook you up with a great price.
Mine is the 12/13qt “Club” System.

Here’s the speed controller switch I used.