Ghetto Diffuser Thingy From Hell

Parts arrived, from Stephen at So I immediately cut them up and banged on them with a BFH and drilled some holes and stuff.

Doesn’t look like much, here…

Looks better with a little paint.

And even better on the car.

“Stealth diffuser”. OK, so it’s not finned / compartmented. But it’s a ton better than the giant open cavities in front of the rear bumper that used to be back there.

With the track wheels and splitter installed, I have about 2.5″ under the splitter in the front. And almost 9″ out the back. I suspect it’s gotta be better than the aero nightmare I had going on the last time I was at the track, with the mushed exhaust hanging down back there.

If I get ambitious, I might add some fins to it. If I get really ambitious, I’ll rework the exhaust and install the Group 4 diffusers I have coming. But I’ll see how this does, first.