Joy Ride, and time for beer

So, this happened.

Soooooooo happy. Lots of stuff to still work out, but this is what I’ve been working toward for 4 months. OK, actually more like 18 months. OK actually more like 9 years. 

It sounded like a tractor pull was happening in the hood, and my neighbors gave me dirty looks, because this is my exhaust.
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Before I drove it, I spent a few minutes hanging the bumper and a side skirt, just so I could see what it looked like. OMG I’m in love. Still needs tonneau and the cage needs repainted… and the ride height is all wrong… but it’s still beautiful.
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But when I drove it around the hood, it looked like THIS….
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No seat belts, no airbags, no roll bar padding, seats not bolted to the floor, loose wiring dangling all over the cabin… but I DID NOT CARE.

Spent most of the afternoon remediating various things that drug, made noise, etc. Needed to grind the new lower ball joints (touched the DT big rotors), needed front wheel spacers (tire was touching height adjustment lock ring on the BC coils), needed to grind down some corroded spots on the rotors (dragging brakes). Now the car rolls easily and silently, as it should!

Also made an attempt to adjust ride height. My first experience adjusting coilovers, I didn’t quite understand that 1″ of coilover adjustment does NOT equal 1″ of ride hight adjustment. But now understand that, and (duh) it’s obvious why.

Anyway, need to work on that some more tomorrow, as I overshot raising the front and lowering the rear, now it’s slammed in back and too tall in the front. Quick fix tomorrow, now that I know what I’m doing. Also did several complete cooling system flushes as that was NASTY from the motor sitting on a dolly for several months. Now nice and clean, and full of nice clean new coolant.

Every time I start the car, it sounds healthier. Again, a motor sitting still on a pallet for months isn’t a great thing. But I think I’ve about gotten it rejuvenated.

Time for beer.