It lives!

It’s ALIVE!!!!!

I’m a very happy camper.

Crazy loud right now. The video doesn’t do it justice. The whole house shakes on its foundation when it’s just idling. When I rev it, every dog in the neighborhood goes nuts. But it has an open RMW race header and no exhaust connected right now… so, figures.

Got everything plugged up, new radiator and surround and fan assembly put together and hung, fluids in, brakes and clutch bled (still need to do ABS bleed), and turned the key. Turned over first try, but wouldn’t start.

Checked fuel first… no fuel pressure at the rail. Unplugged the line, and cycled power a few times. I could hear the pump cycling normally, but no fuel was coming out of the line. Usually, if you disconnect it and do that, fuel GUSHES out. So something was amiss. Checked the pump install, looked fine. Checked the fuel filter, and the canister wasn’t screwed together right. Corrected that, and fixed!

My one salvaged and one eBay Xenon both work. Car has DRL’s enabled, because I’m using the BCM from the shell I just bought. Will be interesting to see what else is coded in that. I’ll get all that straightened out.

Tomorrow I’ll button up the engine bay, front wheel well liners, bumper and wheels and roll it around the block. I hope the police don’t come.