I get spoiled after a while

I’m trying to figure out how to make the backend just a bit more stable at speed. The front sticks well with the RMW splitter. The rear got a bit better (I think) with the GP2 diffuser. But I want a little less lift back there… I really want the car to sit down at speed. Since my car has more in common aerodynamically with NASCAR trucks than other MINIs, I decided to try a variation of the NASCAR type spoiler.

Ordered some 3/16″ smoked Lexan, and mocked up a spoiler in cardboard to get the shape and profile right. Originally I was going to mount this with stainless hinges and turnbuckles, but then had a brainstorm on bending tabs in the Lexan and trying that. Turns out that worked well, so it simplified the whole project.

Marked and cut Lexan using the cardboard mock-up as a template.

Started off 5″ high, plus 2″ for the tabs.

Marked the size/shape of the tabs. Drilled holes for stress relief. Cut the tabs with the jigsaw.

Bent the tabs, using a simple jig, flat pliers, and heat gun. You have to get this stuff HOT to bend it, about 300F. Took a few tries and test fitting to get the tab angles close enough.

Then drilled holes for hardware, removed the film, and screwed it into place.

I love it. It seems plenty stiff, I can add turnbuckles later if needed. Need to sand the edge a bit to smooth it out, but it’s pretty much done.