Nose job

So you may recall, I did some stupid stuff and ripped the nose off my brand-new GPR.

I put it back together and drove around with a broken, scuffed up bumper and a little crinkle in my hood for 4 months, just as a reminder that I should NOT DO STUPID STUFF with my NICE CAR.

But I got a new bumper cover and some other bits, and had them painted a while back. Earlier this week I had a few paint blemishes fixed at the paint shop, then installed the new bumper, and yesterday took the car to the best wrapster in town, TVP Auto.

The dudes there have a VERY nice shop, and did a great job. Full coverage on bumper, bonnet, grille, scoop. Plus mirror caps and door cups. They did custom trimming around the matte black GP scoop vinyl, so it’s still matte.

Picked the car up this morning, and drove home, during gaps in my conference call schedule.

On the way… a downpour happened.

I hid under an overpass for a few minutes, then determined that this storm wasn’t going to let up in time to make my next call. But that the edge was only 3-4 miles away… so I made a run for it.

All that stuff about “if you drive a convertible fast enough in the rain, you won’t get wet” is MOSTLY true in LIGHT rain showers. I’ve proven it. However, when it’s raining BUCKETS…. not so much.

Got pretty soaked. But it’s just water. All good. I did get some interesting looks from other motorists, however.