Zeitronix data logging

Fiddled with data logging for a couple of hours today.

Since folks will ask, here’s what I have:
Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband system
plus sensors for EGT, boost, oil pressure, oil temp (not connected yet), and connections for RPM and throttle position
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ZR-2 multi-gauge
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Black Box Data Logger
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I also have theĀ LCD Display, but I don’t know if I’m going to really use it. It’s not as flexible as I expected, so I can’t really display all the data on it I had hoped. I may end up disconnecting the oil pressure and temp sensors from the ZT-2 and installing dedicated gauges for those.

The ZT-2 comes with software and a serial interface cable to allow data logging with a Windows PC. Modern PCs with no serial interface will need a 3rd party USB/serial adapter cable. The Black Box Logger enables you to capture data logs directly to microSD card, without a computer connected, then load and analyze the logs on the PC when you’re back home. Dead simple to log, one button to press to start and stop, and a status LED to let you know it’s working.

I thought I captured logs when I was driving yesterday, but there was nothing on the SD card. Finally managed to download the recommended formatting utility and format the card properly. Tested logging in the garage and had files! But was getting no RPM signal. Hunted around under the dash and determined that the RPM signal wire had come unplugged from the tap at the OBD port. Found that wire and plugged it back in.

Fought with drivers for my USB-to-Serial interface cable for about an hour, finally got that fixed, so I could run the Zeitronix software and do live logging on the laptop. Very cool.

Went for a drive and logged a few pulls to redline, to send to Jan to verify my tune and tweak if necessary. Came back home, loaded them up and looked at them. Very very cool.

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The graphs show: Air/Fuel ratio, RPM, boost, exhaust gas temp, pedal position (91 is wide open), voltage from the oil pressure sensor, and voltage from the (not yet connected) oil temperature sensor. When capturing live on the PC, the oil pressure or temp can be scaled to show actual values. Basically this shows a pull from about 3200 to 7700 RPM (redline with my current setup), you can tell when I started and ended the pull by the throttle pedal position curve.

Sent this to Jan, and he confirmed that the current tune is right on the money. So we’ll stick with this, until the TVS is on.

Also pulled the stereo face back off, and checked wiring of my bluetooth interface, which wasn’t working. Unplugging and plugging it back in fixed it. All good.

My mod to secure the side flaps on the tonneau seems to be effective, they stayed put for an hour of driving today.

Looking at what it’s going to take to install my RMW splitter tonight. Might need to fab up some more brackets, as the original brackets have never materialized. No big deal.