Back on the road!

Had a glorious drive today…
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50 degrees, seat heater works. 🙂
Drove about 50 spirited miles. Clutch didn’t slip, axles didn’t pop out, no parts got pulled off the car, and I didn’t take flight.

The car handles great with the added caster. Steering feel is fantastic, turn-in is even more direct.

And the car is crazy fast. I can’t adequately describe it, because that would incriminate me. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when the TVS and Vipec are on… I kinda love it. 

I’ve spent the last couple of days organizing the garage, getting it ready to actually be a place where two cars can park. First complete garage clean out and re-org in 15 years. Still have 2-3 days of work to do, it’s a big job. And then have to do my workshop, probably a few more days in there. But, eventually, the Mini will park in there like it did before all this foolishness started.

Just a sample of the wonders that were in there… 10 years worth of brake rotors for several Minis, BMWs, Chryslers, Hyundais…
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