More dash fitting

Just a couple of hours yesterday, got the right parcel shelf fitted. LOTS of trimming required, but will be invisible when it’s all done – I’ll line the shelf with felt, probably.

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Confirmed that the stereo head unit will not fit in there, with the cage knee bar in the way. Need to find another home for it. I ordered an under-dash mount and will see how that works hanging on the bottom of the right side parcel shelf.

Today, spent a couple of hours this morning cleaning out the car and fitting the carpet. Just needed to remove some foam padding from the back, didn’t have to cut it to fit around the front cage pillars.

This afternoon, installed the side sill covers. They required much fitting, but look good now that they’re done. Also installed accelerator and dead pedals. Starting to look more like a car…

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Hope to substantially complete the front interior tomorrow, then can get started on the suspension and engine bay.