More work on the shell

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Just for kicks, to get a rise out of your neighbors, put all the MINI’s up on cinder blocks out on your front lawn…. And if you have a tree out front, hang that engine block from a stout branch…

Actually, the GP is on cinder blocks right now in the driveway. My wife LOVES it.

No, wait… that’s not exactly the word she used. What was it? Oh, yes. HATE. She HATES it, whatever that means.

Luckily, I’m getting a free pass on pretty much everything right now with the missus. Something about almost, but not quite, becoming inanimate. I’m finding it to be a very effective strategy for getting my way. But it is somewhat risky, and therefore don’t take this as a recommendation. Attempt at your own risk.

Today, I finally got this thing off…
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I got it moved just enough that the Blaster could work its way in overnight. It started moving noticeably on I the second hit this morning, after a hundred or more yesterday with almost no movement. Only a few more taps and it was free.

Then I had to pry it out of the bushing, which was another PITA. But, done.

New one arrives tomorrow, so I can fit that temporarily to get it rolling. Called my cage guy today and have a date to drop it off on Monday, or he may come and get it. So I’ll finish stripping everything to make it cage-ready tomorrow and this weekend.

Once back from the cage shop, I’ll drop the subframes, convert rust, add paint, and reinstall with good bushings ball joints and tie rods and stuff.