I may be a little crazy

I’m starting a list, “signs you may be certifiably insane”…

* develops, but “recovers” from, strange obsession with Union Jacks
* attempts to rebuild own automatic transmission
* commits to convert automatic transmission MINI to manual, buys a totaled GP as a donor, on faith, sight unseen
* vows to build a car that never existed, but “should have” (MINI GP Roadster)
* buys a Clutchmasters clutch, knowing that they fail frequently
* puts a Chevy S-10 part on a MINI
* after flipping a convertible end over end and surviving, buys another convertible
* commits to complete body swap on a car, without a second thought
* owns three non-functional MINIs at the same time (if they were cats, would qualify for Crazy Cat Lady)
* vows to design and build a unique convertible top for a non-existent car
* buys RMW TVS kit (which isn’t yet running on ANY car) for a car that is in pieces
* spends hours sifting through Google image search results for “convertible top latch”
* contemplates using parts from old Impala, VW Thing, or VW Rabbit on MINI Cooper
* … more to come

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