Rennline to the rescue

In the crash, I broke BOTH my fine, expensive Rennline tow hooks. Sheared them off where they screw into the bumper.

I emailed Rennline, asking if they could sell me just the posts, since the rest of them are fine and I’m trying so save money on the rebuild wherever I can. I included a pic of a tow hook, as well as a pic of the wreck, with the car upside down, and description of what I did. Here’s their reply.

Hi Paul,

That is quite a wreck! You will need a pair of the E10 posts in the 96mm length. We still have your customer profile on file so if you want to give me a call tomorrow between 7AM and 5:30PM we can get that set up. They will be $x/ea so $y for the pair, they’re generally a bit more expensive but since you’re doing so much rebuilding and broke them in the most spectacular fashion I’ve seen yet I took a chunk off for you. Hopefully I will talk to you tomorrow!

Best regards,
Shawn Christianson
Sales, Support and Marketing
Rennline Inc.

“broke them in the most spectacular fashion I’ve seen yet”

I win!!!

Great customer service.