Getting started…

OK, like with the GP donor and manual transmission conversion, some things happen fast.

Crashed car on Saturday.
Laid around with a concussion for a couple of days.

As of now (Wednesday) have:

  • Gotten corpse moved to my garage, from storage lot.
  • Performed preliminary damage / salvage assessment.
  • Visited crash site (twice), reconstructed accident, combed for small parts.
  • Removed Meth cell/pump from corpse
  • Successfully fired the engine, it lives.
  • Met with claims adjuster, think I will have a good outcome. Should know tomorrow whether it will be easy or hard to get an outcome I can live with.
  • Picked up police report, might as well say “aliens did it”.
  • Ordered compression and leak down tools to further evaluate the engine (I could borrow them, but should really own a set)
  • Ordered all stuff to add oil pressure to my Zeitronix rig so I can assess oil pressure on the current chassis before I pull the motor, since it runs. This, other test tools and oil analysis will enable me to decide to keep motor and run as-is, or ship back to Cali for rework.
  • Found a good donor cabrio with bad tranny, and another good donor rolling body shell. Will probably go with the shell. Price is right, location is workable, comes with some key parts I will need.
  • Confirmed that best paint shop in town can do my GP Roadster repaint cost effectively, on the rolling shell, in a compatible timeframe.
  • Started planning for the Bigger, Thicker, Uncut GPness Rebuild.
  • Solicited proposals for volume discounts on OEM parts.
  • Traded emails with Jan about axle rebuild and dual-pass radiator.
  • Pulled a couple of parts off the GP that the guy with the rolling shell wants.

Gonna rebuild this thing RIGHT. It’s gonna be EPIC. Have some ideas for improvements that would not have happened without this turn of events.

Stay tuned.